Car Crash

Insurance Might Not Cover Your Car Crash Losses

A car accident can increase your insurance rates! Many agents will tell you not to file a claim and repair your car yourself. I have struggled with this issue for a long time. Do not file a claim can leave you in a very bad position It has a positive obligation to report any loss to your insurance company (note: the insurance company and not the insurance agent), and if it does not cover your loss (or provide a lawyer if you need it).

However, in the situation of a car accident or a collision between teenagers, rates can skyrocket and only want to pay out of pocket (hell, could even predict). The questions are: Should you file a complaint if your teenager destroys your car? How much will your rates go up?

The answer depends. If a car accident is a simple teenager blow against your garage door or scratches at the door when unloading groceries, then you should probably fix your car yourself. Once a claim is reported, the claims department will notify the subscription service. The subscription will apply regardless of whether the insurance company pays or not.

The circumstances of the accident are also important. Why did your teenager drive the car? Was it because he was doing it all the time or had he taken it without permission? If your request shows “mistrust” or “lack” respect “for you, your insurance company is very concerned about (your rates will be” adjusted “). If there is an indication that your teen was under the influence of alcohol, your insurance company may not renew your policy (or even cancel it). You should get advice from motoring solicitors in such a situation.

The reasons above are some of the reasons why you should not file a claim in a teen car crash situation. However, there are good reasons why you should go ahead and present. If there is a passenger or other parties involved, you must always file the claim. If your teenager is with a friend, he will probably be another teenager, in which case the parents of the second teenager will want the child to go to the doctor. As soon as this happens, a personal injury claim will be triggered against you. You can end up with no medical expenses, but pain and suffering, general damage and legal defence fees from motoring solicitors.

This applies if there is a third party involved. If your car accident was clearly not your fault, it does not matter; your son will be blamed for that. Remember too, teenagers can make mistakes, so if your child is to blame, you always want to inform the insurance claims department. In this way, if you need a lawyer to defend a frivolous lawsuit, the insurance company should pay for it.

It is a good idea not to report the car accident when your teenager, there is only one person involved (your teenager), the damage is minor (you can pay out of pocket) and knows all the circumstances of the accident, but, if a passenger a third, it is better to call and report the claim, even if the rates increase.